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0  Bình luận | 07/07/2021

Having developed cutting-edge broadcasting solutions, we have recently introduced our new hands-on experience –

GreenSet Plus.


As a new-concept smart media solution that combines AR (Augmented Reality) technology and motion recognition technology with our VR (Virtual Reality) technology

– Virtual and augmented reality functions

– Motion recognition function

– Interactive menu control function

– A powerful next-generation multimedia solution with recording and multi-service capabilities.

The solution distinguishes solutions by GreenSet Plus, GreenSet Kids, and GreenSet PhotoZone,

– 1-person broadcasting production and transmission field

– Participation type experiential learning field

– Media experience zone of public relations center

– It can be applied to various fields such as elementary school smart classroom

Because it does not require expensive dedicated computing system, therefore, its low installation cost make it a very attractive solution.

This solution is developed with the support of small and medium-sized venture companies’ cooperation projects.

For more information, contact: S. H. Kim (shkim@korad.tv), 010-5438-8836

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