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A Complete all in One Solution specially designed for broadcast professionals to deliver extraordinary contents in the easiest way anywhere any time.

An Extremely Powerful and Versatile Solution which supports Video & Audio Switching, Multi-channel Recording, Character Generator and HD Virtual Studio, making it a perfect live production system which alone can substitute different equipment’s from traditional studio.

A User-Friendly System which is fully equipped with all the advanced tools required by the professional in the most simplistic way possible.

A value Product which has been widely used for various purpose such as News, Sports, E-learning, Educational shows, Live shows, corporate events, worship house, Exhibitions and many others.

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  • Real-time preview of Inputs, PVW, PGM & WYSIWYG.
  • Expand an extra screen to realize custom Multi-view full-screen display, making it easy for preview.
  • Support real-time overlay of audio UV and dynamic display of audio peaks.
  • Support multi-view monitor, allows watching the real-time status of playing channel, preview channel, recording channel, and audio channel.
  • Provide easy play control of local sources, Script FX channel, and CG channel with Mini control panel.


  • Support multiple video & audio live inputs (SDI, HDMI, Component, etc.).
  • Support 2 channels for frame-accurate clip play and playlist of local sources.
  • Support 1 channel for Script FX composition, create virtual studio and live PIP (Picture-In-Picture) effect easily.
  • Support 1 channel for remote VGA signal input , realize the playout of PPT and remote screen.
  • Support up to 2 local CG with custom replaceable contents, allows fast modification and playout of name title and other titles.
  • Support 1 clock (Quartz clock or Digital clock) and 2 LOGO overlay (32bit-movie LOGO or image LOGO), allows changing clock, LOGO, position, and size freely, and with up to 10 preset keys.


  • 1 channel for real-time video & audio program live output (SDI, HDMI, Component, etc.), 1 channel for real-time video & audio preview output.
  • Multiple channels for real-time Live video & audio media recording.
  • 1 channel for program media recording, allow recording CG-free video & audio file at the meantime


  • HD Trackless Virtual studio
  • Simple and easy integration of live actors or talents with virtual set
  • 1 channel Virtual studio with 4 camera modes support
  • 30+ ready to use HD virtual sets


  • Supports 2 Channels CG, and provides separate preview & program options for layout
  • Supports flexible playlist control as well as real time multi-layer play. Every play list has independent hotkey control
  • Supports PVW and PGM channel. With independent VGA preview channel, we can preview waiting layout in real time before on-air
  • Supports play and edit functions simultaneously. You can immediately create or modify other layout without interrupting the current playing layout to enhance play flexibility
  • Supports a variety of on-air template types such as text crawler, stock crawler, universal flip object etc
  • Supports a variety of templates including CG layout template, Layout template, Animation template, Effect template, Style template
  • Supports high quality GPU Render and Effect


  • Multi-channel Virtual switching between PGM and PVW
  • One-click switching as well as manual switching via T-BAR between TRANS and CUT
  • One-click overlay of CG1/CG2 or CLOCK/LOGO1/LOGO2 One-click adding or applying of transition, clock, LOGO, or Chroma key
  • Support FTB
  • Hundreds of transitions (including standard wipe, 3D scroll, 3D flip, slide, door opening, blind, etc.)
  • Customizable full-screen animated transitions and extendable transitions effects
  • Exclusive switching macro recording function, allows recording various switching operation in advance and invoking it anytime to realize auto switching or combined switching effects
  • Supports a variety of templates including CG layout template, Layout template, Animation template, Effect template, Style template
  • Supports high quality GPU Render and Effect


  • Multi-channel recording of Live Input, PVW & PGM separately or simultaneously
  • With CG or without CG recording function
  • With Audio or without Audio recording
  • Recording file format : Canopus HQX AVI


  • Real-time preview of inputs, PVW, and PGM
  • Compatible with SD/HD-SDI, both PAL and NTSC
  • Support HD 1080 50i, 59.94i, 60i, HD 720 50p, 59.94p, and 60p
  • Local video file formats: Canopus HQ/HQX AVI, Avid DNxHD MXF, MPG, Matrox MPEG-2 I Frame AVI, QuickTime MOV, WAV, MP3
  • Image formats: TGA,PNG,BMP,JPG,PSD,TIFF
  • Support Black Magic Decklink series boards, including Decklink SDI (4K), Decklink Duo, Decklink Quad, Decklink Studio (4K), Decklink 4K Extreme, Decklink Mini Recorder, and Decklink Mini Monitor
  • Compatible with Matrox XMIO series, DSX LE series, and Mojito series board



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