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0  Bình luận | 07/07/2021

Korad recently launched 4K_12G-based UHD (Ultra HD) multi-function switching solution.

The LS4K solution of the UNIcast Series

As an extended version based on the existing UNIcast solution which was a VR enhanced system, the LS4k is a new, powerful and versatile UHD switching solution based on highly enhanced standard UHD signals.

The UNIcast_LS4K solution

– 4K-12G-SDI (3840×2160 60p) In-Out Industry Standard Signal System

– 3D Real-Time UHD Virtual Studio function

– Clear Contents Categories function

– Fade, mix, slide, and custom transition effects

– Making subtitles using 12 layers. Live source input function

– Powerful UHD switcher solution with VR function such as NDI ready for streaming in / out function

For details contact: S.H. Kim (shkim@korad.tv), 010-5438-8836

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